About SME Bridge

Machinery magazine cover - June 2017 - Courtesy of Machinery, MA Business - www.machinery.co.uk

Courtesy of Machinery, MA Business - www.machinery.co.uk


Hi, my name is Dr. Mark D’Souza-Mathew. I am the founder and key contact for all things SME Bridge.

I have been educated in the fields of Electronic engineering, Information technology, Nanotechnology, Particle & Interfacial science and Innovation management, with manufacturing experience in investment casting and powder metallurgy as applied to aerospace, oil & gas, defense and nuclear power engineering. My last held employment was R&D manager at AMRC Castings: a publicly funded institution dedicated to bridging the gap between academia and industry for investment casting.

Drivers: Through my work experience I learned of the market, supply chain and regulations surrounding high value part manufacture in Europe. I became familiar with the decades old programmes enabling knowledge transfer between academia and industry, and the track records of the same. I was concerned to learn that the typical manufacturing SME was under-represented in this pool of companies accessing specialists from academia. There are several reasons for this, which include the high cost of access and the often lengthy associated times in reaching a project conclusion or return on investment. These SMEs often sit on the supply chain of larger companies responsible for high integrity products such as aircraft & nuclear reactors, and therefore deserve an equal amount of attention and specialist support to troubleshoot processes, adapt to change, secure intellectual property, exploit advancements in technology, and thus become more competitive. SME Bridge was founded with the intentions of bridging this gap.

Ethos: SME Bridge has a single focus: to serve clients engaged in metallic part manufacture; emphasis must therefore be placed on customer satisfaction. The precepts of our offerings are intelligence, transparency, speed and affordability. As a young company we intend to grow on the back of our reputation, for you would return if our advice and products made good business sense. To this extent we intend to define a measurable parameter for our contribution to your business, assuring you of your investment, and allowing us to tailor our services and technologies to better suit you. We are committed to sustainable processes, seeking projects and developing technologies for reducing environmental impact.

Please see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below for information on our engagement and retention process.