What are your plans for growth?

As part of a rich network of specialists and service providers, SME Bridge can extend its abilities by sub-contracting tasks to deliver complementary services in the areas of simulation, automation, machining, welding, destructive & non-destructive testing, intellectual property law, smart contracts, and even machine learning of big data.

Our focus right now is on achieving business stability and therefore on opportunities that can enable this. In the first 18 months we will limit the number of clients for the consultancy with a view to developing our reputation, and grow only to meet verified and lucrative demands. We will balance these consultancy activities with the development of our process enhancing technologies .

Our business model is especially suited for high value grant funded projects since we can take on strategic support roles for defining the statement of work, identifying & engaging with the participants, writing the grant application and finally as co-ordinators for the project if awarded.